Monday, January 11, 2010

One Week to Go

This is really it.

One week from today the movers come and I will be bound for Sherbrooke. It’s hard to believe that it was only six weeks ago that I made the decision to leave Ottawa, and that here I am, now, teetering on the precipice of something new and wonderful.

This weekend I packed up my kitchen. That act makes it seem all the more real for some reason, as if before I was, in a way, caught in a dream. I don’t know why it felt like that.

This will be a week of “lasts”. My last week at work. The last time I will see some of my friends for awhile. The last time I will go to Three Bakers and a Bike for breakfast and cupcakes, and to fight over the best table with another customer. The last time I will write in the morning in this studio, peering out the window as the sun comes up. The last time I will have to use public transportation in Ottawa (huge sigh of relief). The last time for coffee at Bridgehead or Starbucks (they don’t exist in Sherbrooke – how criminal!).

A week of lasts, as well as a time to say to many of my friends not so much goodbye as au revoir.

One week to go …and how exciting, because still, before me, there is a world of possibilities.


  1. Good luck with the move, M! We are looking forward to hear how it goes. Hugs, H-A