Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Saturday. The full veil on night is in place. The rain has held off. This afternoon, roaming about the city under a cloud-laden sky, it almost felt like spring when the sun shone through. Some people were out in short sleeves, others bundled up, but there was a certain sense of camraderie as people soaked up the warmth of these final days as winter inches near.

My day began as usual. Writing in my journal, then setting to work on a short story. I'm a man of routine, and I've come to enjoy breakfast at Three Bakers and a Bike (1281 Wellington). The pancakes are the best, in my opinion, beating out both Fil's Diner and John's. The cupcakes are divine. The service impeccable. It's a great kickstart to my day, and sets the rhythm for what lies ahead.

Today ended up being my day to play. I succeeded at polishing off the first draft of a short story I hope to submit to an upcoming literary competition. With the writing behind me, I ventured first to VIA Rail to pick up my ticket for the long weekend. Then I made my way to the Rideau Centre and saw "Julie and Julia". Meryl Streep brings to life Julia Child's love for food and life and her husband Paul, reminding me that life is a journey, and one to be enjoyed, savoured, relished.

Inspired, I returned home and set about doing something else I love to do besides write. I cooked. I searched the Internet and found Julia Child's recipe for beef bourguignon. It's in the oven now. When I go to sit down to eat, I'll be reminded of Julia's passion, about my own passion for what I do each and every day.

All I can say is this: Oh Happy Day!


  1. Enjoy the long weekend! I had a lovely time seeing my little cousin. Her energy and enthusiasm for life inspires me!

  2. good luck in the literary competition