Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 and Me

It wasn’t that long ago, or so it seems, that I was laying out my goals for 2014, which I had dubbed, “My Year of Positivity.” So here I am, at the end of 2014, taking stock of the year that has been. 2014 was a rollercoaster of a ride!

I had set two main goals for myself: Work to find a publisher for one of my novels and complete the rewrite of another novel-length manuscript that required lots of work. Then I challenged myself to maintain a healthy, positive outlook on life. I’m still waiting to hear back on a number of submissions that I’ve made with regard to my first goal. As for my second goal, I completed the rewrite and revised another novel-length manuscript. Throughout the year I have often felt like I had been derailed, that my productivity had waned. I chastised myself for not staying focused, for not writing enough. I had been unable to see just how productive my year has been. After rewriting two novel manuscripts, I began writing a new novel in August, and last week I finished the first draft. Maybe I’ve been writing “just enough” after all.

What surprised me most about 2014 was how challenging it has been, at times, to remain positive. Don’t get me wrong … I’m happy with my life, happy with all that I’ve achieved. I wanted to keep myself outside of the negativity so ingrained in society to try and build something up and see the silver lining as opposed to always criticizing, deconstructing, tearing others down. Yet sometimes, despite by best efforts, when my colleagues started complaining I found myself joining in. I’ve had to step back and remind myself, on many occasions, that when something hasn’t necessarily gone my way that I can do one of three things, as counselled by Eckhardt Tolle in his book, The Power of Now: “[…] change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.”

All in all, 2014 has been a good year. Each day I tried to give my best, to be true to who I am, to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. And now, as I endeavour to enjoy the final days of 2014, I again take up the challenge to remain positive and see the beauty that is this world.

At this time of year I am, as always, grateful to my friends and family who have stood by me during the year, for your support, encouragement and love. It has made all the difference. And I am grateful for all the people who have stopped by to read my blog. I am happy to have all of you accompanying me on this journey.

May the spirit of the season fill you with joy, and may peace, hope and love be with you always.

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