Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And, Now ...

Yesterday was a great day to go running, the air was relatively warm for mid-February, and the icy sidewalks had melted. As I ran along the pathway next to the Saint François River, I was seized by this sense of something familiar yet foreign although, at the time, I could not name it. I still can’t.

True, I’ve felt unsettled lately, and maybe that’s what I was feeling yesterday as the warm sun beamed against my skin. I’ve been wondering a lot lately if I should stay in Sherbrooke, if I can blossom here…? I think that, in part, I’m feeling unsettled because I’m unsure how to move forward. Getting my first novel published was one of my major life goals. What do I do next? I’m shopping around my second novel now, hoping that it, too, will be accepted for publication somewhere. I’m at work on another novel yet, for some reason, I still feel like it’s not enough … like I should be doing more.

I’m busy getting ready for my first virtual book tour. It involves guest blogs, reviews, interviews and giveaways of my novel, Freestyle Love. I’m excited and eager to see what this virtual book tour will bring.

Despite the unsettling feeling that still hangs over me, I’m clinging to faith that I’ll know what the next right thing for me to do will be, that I will be able to blossom, here, where I am planted, and that tomorrow will be a brighter day. That, strangely enough, reminds me of what Gandhi said: “Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.”

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