Monday, October 10, 2011

Recommencer à zéro

“Recommencer à zéro” is the title of one of William Deslauriers’s songs and, at the moment, the theme song of my life.

I’ve spent the last couple of months in a sort of self-imposed exile. I needed time to think, to figure out what was wrong. I could feel that there was something tugging at my heart, something that didn’t feel right and had to be extracted. Sometimes it’s easier to keep one’s head buried in the sand, and that makes it possible to put off dealing with difficult issues, put off the inevitable. So I decided to pull my head out of the sand and deal with the problem straight on. And I feel better.

Now I’m doing the best I can to love myself.

Yes, I’ve been silent over these past few weeks but I’m hoping that you’ll stay with me on this journey. Exciting times are ahead. As you may know, my debut novel, Freestyle Love, is forthcoming by Lazy Day Publishing in November. The first round of edits is complete and sent off to my publisher. I’m working on two new musical compositions and continuing work on a series of paintings.

Today I’m holding fast to something Charlie Chaplin wrote on his seventieth birthday in the poem, “As I Began to Love Myself”: “As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance, I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens at the exactly right moment. So I could be calm. Today I call it ‘SELF-CONFIDENCE’.”

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