Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Winter Comes ...

The brown-green grass is now white. Fall has given way to winter. The air is cold, crisp, biting. Walking outside, people are bundled up tight in their winter jackets. It is the time of year when people hole themselves up inside. It is a season for renewal, and taking stock.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic – the “good” kind of hectic. I’ve been spending more time at the piano working at a couple of new compositions. Slowly but steadily, I’m inching my way forward on the rewrite of a manuscript. I have managed to work in painting to my daily schedule. While the days may seem long – getting up to write and paint early in the morning, a full day at the office, time at the piano after work, a little more painting or writing as projects demand after supper – I am feeling on top of my game, that I am laying track.

The fall has been busy artistically – public readings, a group exhibition, my debut (in French) as a singer-songwriter – and tonight, even though my to-do list keeps growing, I will “rest.” At the very least I will slow down the pace a little. The spice cabinet still needs to be organized, the top of my desk is barely visible, the bookshelves could use a dusting, too.

Tonight, listening to the wind howl outside, perhaps it’s a good time to clean house, put a few more things in order. Winter brings with it the risk of the blues and putting things in order helps to keep me, in any case, focused. When winter comes, it's not the time to completely withdraw. It's time to keep moving, to survey the land and see what needs doing, and then set to work.

Yes, take time to rest. Breath. I can't let the weather keep me from seeing friends, getting out and doing the things I love to do. When winter comes, I will keep on keeping on.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you! Good luck with the artisitc endeavors. H-A :)