Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Another Day ...

It’s -11°C this morning, the sky is a dull grey-blue, and the sun is struggling to come out. I am just back from a run — my first in about 10 days. It is a challenge for me in winter to stay active, or should I say, to keep running. The bitter cold, the wind, the icy, snow-covered sidewalks — they all conspire to keep me at home where it is warm.

But on days like this, when I do manage to get a run in, I’m reminded of why I run. I run not only to stay healthy and active, but running primes the pump for my writing. It allows me to clear my mind, be at one with myself, let everything go. Running leaves me energized, ready to take on the world.

Today I have laid out an ambition agenda. Continue to work on the novella. Review a short story that I hope to submit for publication. Start a new painting. Practice the piano. Organize one hall closet. Perhaps I am too ambitious today, but soon I will dig in and get to work, and see where the day leads me.

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