Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meditations of a Writer

Deciding to blog about writing, the difficulty I have is where to begin. I'm not at the beginning of my writing journey, nor have I reached that definitive climax where I'm shortlisted for the Giller Prize with the likes of Margaret Atwood, Joseph Boyden or Mary Swan. I'm somewhere in the middle—that vast vortex where you're either ready to chuck it all or you have the faith to keep on keeping on.

So, to begin ...

I am a writer. I write because each morning when I awake, and at night when I lay my head down to sleep, writing is what becomes me. It quells within me, gnaws at my heart, enlivens my soul. I write because of the stories within me that I long to tell. I write because of the beauty that is this world. I write because of the ugliness that is this world and perhaps, with my words, I can challenge it. I write because I have a vision of today that may spillover into tomorrow. I write because it is the passion that consumes me. I write because writing is all of me. Writing is who I am.

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