Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring: Season of Possibility

Spring is the season of possibility. It is the time to, once again, unearth my dreams and focus on what is possible. I learn to do something new, step outside my comfort zone, and I inevitably learn something new about myself, discover a hidden talent. Like on Wednesday when I decided to make spätzle, a traditional German dumpling. It was time to change up our dinner routine, take an imaginary journey to a distant land.

This spring in particular has been a time of transition, moving in to a new phase of my creativity. Winter has always been, for me, the beginning of my creative cycle — when creative projects take flight, where my main task is to just get down the bare bones, sketch out a very rough draft. When spring arrives, and the foundation has been laid, I am ready to begin the hard work of building the framework, filling in the details. Spring is when my creative projects begin to take shape, and I can see their possibility.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately filling in the details as I rewrite a novel. I have shown up faithfully each day to write, to move the work forward. It has been like an obsession (in a good way) that has helped to anchor my writing routine. That steady routine came after many months of me battling procrastination; the real battle that raged was one where I doubted myself more, doubted my talent, despite my successes.

With a writing routine solidly in place again, I was also able to get back to running. The two create a natural ebb and flow to my day. When I feel I’m losing focus I go for a run. Often, while I’m running, I can hear my characters speak and see them “act up.” When I return to the writing, I simply pour out onto the page what I heard and what I have seen. The writing feels so easy.

What has helped me in all of this getting back to a writing routine, exercising regularly again was this: I took the time to do some strategic planning. What do I want to accomplish as a writer? What does my writing career look like? What is my vision? I have always resisted doing such things. Even in the past when I’ve written down my goals, they have always ended up in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day again. Now I review my vision day, and my goals. I am better equipped to see where I’m going and how I hope to get there. I’ve done my spring cleaning, which didn’t involve the usual household chores, but forced me to change up my routine. Now I can savour the beauty that is this world.

Yes, spring is here. What I love about spring is how I spring into life.

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