Sunday, May 2, 2010


It’s just past 10 o’clock in the morning. White clouds fill the sky but it still bright and warm — already 21°C. The forecast calls for rain later in the day, so now is the time to take advantage of the beau temps, see the beauty that surrounds.

It has been a tough week. Tough in the sense that I’ve felt stagnant — not really moving forward, not really doing much of anything. I’ve been, reluctantly, looking at the job market, and that has left me discouraged. I’m not sure what kind of day job I want, and that makes job hunting difficult. It has also been a week when I’ve felt lonely. Lonely in the sense that I had suffered a bout of self-doubt. What am I doing? Am I on the right track? The questions come up repeatedly, thanks to my inner critic, and despite the momentary fear, the answers are always the same. I am on the right track. What am I doing? I am being true to myself.

Yes, it was a tough week that forced me to see the beauty that is this world. The trees populating the backyard are coming into bloom. The joy radiating in the voices of the children playing next door. The serenity experienced as I walked along the river pathway, surrounded by nature, falling into myself. The encouragement of friends whose calls and e-mails this week have allowed me to keep on keeping on.

Sitting on my balcony, a gentle breeze blowing, it is in fact a beautiful spring day, one that I will take the time to enjoy. I can see that beauty is all around.

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