Monday, April 12, 2010

Toiling the Soil

Today was bright and sunny, and a bit cool. After a sort of long “break,” I made it out for a run. It was great to feel the sun shining down on my face, my heart pumping, and my muscles at work.

While the running felt good, so did the writing I did this morning. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve felt like the writing has been slow-going. Despite that feeling, I’m still showing up at the page, working to finishing something.

In a few days, it’ll be three months since I moved to Sherbrooke. I love the slower pace of the city, the friendly smiles as I walk down the street, the willingness to help a stranger making his way in a new place. Sometimes I’ve felt unsure of my footing, unsure of the direction in which I’m moving, but I keep on with the task at hand.

I’m working to put down roots, to sure up my footing — in a word: toil the soil. When the writing gets tough, sometimes it’s necessary to change things up. So today, once the writing was done, I rearranged my apartment, moving my bedroom to the back of the building (away from the street) and combining my studio and writing room into one, taking up the master bedroom. It feels like I’ve put a few things in order, like when you straighten up the hall closet or spice cabinet.

The sun has set. I will finish setting up my new workspace and then take a break to watch 24. I hope to wake up tomorrow, having slept in my new bedroom, refreshed and energized. I will set pen to page and continue to toil the soil.

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